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As one of our specialties, let us take you back to your childhood when only the best cuisine came from home. The following menus are our suggestions. We would be delighted to celebrate your simcha with you in style. Please contact Food For Thought Catering for more information about our catering services in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area!

kosher menu


Cheese Blintzes

Deliciously filled with a lightly sweetened blend of cheese, spices and lemon, served with fruit toppings on the side

Sunshine Fruit Tray

An exquisite display of seasonal fruits, including sweet melon, oranges, strawberries and grapes, conveniently sliced into ready-to-eat portions

Cheese, Tomato and Cucumber Tray

Chef’s selections include some of the following: cheddar, mozzarella or marble, sliced ripe tomatoes and fresh cucumbers, served atop crispy leaf lettuce

Assorted Bagels, Raisin Egg Buns and Butter

Served with fruit toppings on the side



Tossed Salad

A fresh mix of crispy romaine and iceberg lettuce, surrounded by a rainbow of tomatoes, sweet peppers, purple cabbage, cucumbers and shredded carrots, served with our signature maple-balsamic vinaigrette

Cabbage Rolls

Our seasoned ground beef and rice rolled in a cabbage leaf and smothered with our homemade fresh tomato sauce

Whipped Potatoes

Our Chef’s own, whipped with a hint of fresh garlic, kosher salt and white pepper

Individual Apple Crumble

Our homemade recipe, with loads of cinnamon, apples and our crumble topping



Matzo Ball Soup

Homemade all the way, includes boiled chicken, vegetables, our fluffy matzo balls and lokshen

Lemon Chicken

Tender marinated breast of chicken, grilled to perfection under a blanket of our delicious lemon sauce

Pepper and Noodles

Our thick egg noodles, lightly sautéed with a mix of chopped sweet peppers and fresh herbs

Vegetable Medley

Lightly seasoned and sautéed mix of seasonal vegetables

Assorted Rolls and Butter

Baked fresh and served with individual butters on the side

Berry Tarts (Dairy)

Homemade large tarts filled with sweet cream and topped with a variety of fresh berries, lightly drizzled with chocolate


Sweet Scarlet Cherry Cake (No Dairy)

Baked with sweet cherries and a hint of citrus for an exceptional flavour and baked until golden brown



Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Brunch Pizza

Our homemade pizza dough with a base of cream cheese and feta, red onions, fresh dill, tomatoes, black olives and smoked salmon

Spinach Salad

We put a spin on Popeye’s favourite! Mandarin oranges, sweet strawberries, sliced mushrooms and slivers of red onions atop a bed of baby spinach leaves, served with our sweet and tangy poppy seed dressing

Mediterranean Pita Crisps and Homemade Hummus

Our homemade seasoned and toasted pita crisps, accompanied by our creamy homemade and seasoned-to-perfection hummus

Fluffy Vanilla Cheesecake OR Gourmet Tarts

With your choice of apples and cinnamon or caramel topping



Salmon Teriyaki

Filet of salmon, grilled and basted with our sesame-teriyaki sauce with lightly seasoned and sautéed broccoli, bok choy, snow peas and red peppers

Sesame Glass Noodles

Lightly sautéed with sesame oil, seasonings and a light sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds as a perfect accompaniment to the salmon

Sweet Scarlet Cherry Cake

Baked with sweet cherries and a hint of citrus for an exceptional flavour until golden brown



The Spiraled Sunset

Tri-coloured rotini pasta with marinated and grilled vegetables to include some of the following: zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms, tossed in our sweet and tangy balsamic reduction

Brisket of Roast Beef

Infused with flavour and slowly roasted with a mix of carrots, onions and potatoes

Golden Parisienne Potatoes

Tossed in fresh herbs and roasted golden brown

Almond-Vegetable Stir-Fry

A seasonal mix of vegetables lightly seasoned and sprinkled with toasted almonds

Tropical Fruit Tray

Includes our sunshine fruits in addition to tropical favourites, including sweet mango, passion fruit and more! – conveniently sliced into ready-to-eat portions and decorated


We also specialize in Jewish holiday meals, which can be customized to suit your occasion, and are proud to be one of the preferred caterers in several venues across the Greater Toronto Area. You can also count on us for individual packaged meals, home grocery delivery, meal plans and more. Contact us today to know more or to order for pick-up or delivery!

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